The Hunt


Warrior! Terrible things are happening on the island.

The merchants ship returned with an entire Ork possey on board! They are building a camp on the other side of the island and first scouts are approaching the city.

Fight them off, take down as many as you can.



  • Chibi needs to be at least sp-level 1 (buy sp on detail page, RPG tab)
  • Check that you have hp, damage and armor (e.g. spend your bought skillpoint, equip gear)
  • Each Chibi needs 1x  bounty contract to enter, get them in adventures or ether chest
  • You can leave at each waves end e.g. equip better gear
  • Loot will be in your account if you accidentally refresh this page or something bad happens
  • medium article with more details
  • There are 75 waves total
  • Wave 75 is a boss, he will reset after 3 deaths of you with full health