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Find our changelog here Changelog It shows in detail how active our development is. New features are constantly added as time goes buy.

What are Chibis?

Chibis are a token on the Ethereum Blockchain. It follows the ERC721 token standard. They are a so called non-fungible token.

ETHCrystals and ETHShards

ETHCrystals are our offchain currency. You can buy them with Ether, then play on our offchain battles. No gas costs.
And once you are done playing swap them back into Ether. All, or some, whatever you see fit.

ETHShards are the smallest currency we have. They make it possible to start battles for super low amounts. That wouldn't be possible if our battles were on chain. The fees would make battles extremely pricey.

Swapping ETHShards to ETHCrystals and vice versa doesn't involve a fee or loss.

How much is a Chibi?

Chibis cost 0.07 ETH (but depending price fluctuations might adopt to keep a value of ~45USD).

Can I trade my Chibis?

Yes, you can buy, sell and offer Chibis for fusion. We are partners with market place and

That way you can save lots of money getting a Gen1+ Chibi or just make some Ether by selling you fusions.

How many Chibis are there?

We currently sport 30 different Gen0 Chibis. This does not include Special Boss Chibis. But more Chibis will be added over time.

There will be variations like facial expressions and weapons on these 29 Chibis resulting in ~1000 unique Gen0 Chibis (some Chibis wear masks).

Each Chibi has genes and the Fusion Chamber will blend Chibis genetic pool resulting in ~68,999,505,236 unique Chibis.

Fusion Chamber?

You can offer your Chibis for fusion, this process will not destroy your Chibi.

Crazy scientists take a drop of blood of each Chibi and create a new one.

These new Chibis look quite fun and are great to be sold, collected or put in the Ring of Death.

Genetic blending results in ~68,999,505,236 unique Chibis.

Battle system

Our fights are off chain and do not involve Gas or Gwei, but you can win real Eth!

We aim for quick, casual fun on a plain battlefield, but will offer an RPG module soon, too.

You select your battle moves and send the Chibi into Battle. Once an opponent accepts this fight it will be solved immidiately and the winner receives ETHShards or Coins.
Both Chibis return to their owners. ETHShards can be swapped for ETHCrystals and they for real Ether.

Ring of Death

The current Ring of Death format receives a widespread overhaul. It will be great fun.

Live Matches

You can play live with your friends, these battles are off chain and very rewarding since you can act upon your opponents choices.

Additional modes

We are meanwhile in open Beta. The game is not set in stone and new modes will most likely make it into the game before release.
Find our Changelog here, we are very active in development.

Send us your feedback at

How can I check active players

Just hover over the ETHCrystal next to your account name in the header bar. It will display daily and weekly active players.

What are FCFs?

Since contracts deployed to the blockchain are final, we were selling Founder Token while development started They are an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain called FCF.
They can be exchanged for Chibis at any time.
These Chibis will be Founder Chibis with receive a special tag, weapon, suprise. It is unique and after release Founder Chibis won't be available, ever.

Founding Chibis

Founding Chibis are Chibis that are only available to people that bought Founder Token before official release.
They come with insanely looking weapons and a special tag/mark/symbol. They will never ever be available after release.