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Play with no gas cost for real Ether. Leaderboards, Boss Chibis, RPG Elements. We got you covered. All you need is a single Chibi.

Chibis are waiting. Get yours today!

Need help?
The ultimate get you started guide is out

Get your ETHCrystals here

Fun minigames that can even return ether, awesome daily reward loot, loot in general, fantastic casual time killer with possible income!

Our pro players earn heaps each week.

Micro guide

  • Get an account (free)
  • Join a clan (free)
  • Get a Chibi (Gen0 best)
  • Play free coin tap game (get free coins)
  • Play free zeppelin game (try to win Ether)
  • Have a live fight, or set Chibi for local brawl (win Ether or coins)
  • Claim daily reward while waiting for cooldown of Chibi (great loot)
  • Set Chibi for clan lending (you get loot)
  • Send Chibi on an adventure (get loot)
  • Add some Chibis to his adventure (more loot!)
  • Since Chibi is set to clan lending you can come back tomorrow or later and some loot will wait in your account for you! maybe even tradebale loot (Ether)
  • Set Chibi for fusion and maybe someone fuses with it! (Ether, no Chibi is lost)
  • Sell gear from adventures on market (Ether)

OMAGOWD I am fainting!

Nano guide

Clan lending will get you coins, ETHShards (Ether), loot (can be sold for Ether). Come back to loot boxes day after day

  • Get an account (free)
  • Get a Chibi (Gen0 best)
  • Set Chibi for clan lending (you get loot)


If you participated in Founder Token Presale you can swap them for Founder Chibis.

Hit the Exchange FCF button and follow the instructions.

Fight for coins or ether. All off chain, no gas costs.

Enjoy update after update, each day.

We are in heavy dev, we already proud ourselves with more playable content than any other crypto game.

Adventures, loot, legendary fragments, mini games and and and ...


More into competitive gaming? We have some great leaderboards, seasons and soon a fully reworked weekly tournament system and if you havn't seen the loot you get (including ether) you surely have not seen Chibis.


Your website looks shit

God damn right it does. Cause we work on getting you content and ether. Look at Chibis community right now and see why we are not like any other crypto game out there.